Automated scoring of fermented dough, randomly positioned on belt conveyor, achieved with laser guided delta RoboScore Scoring Heads. Our advanced "Profile Measurement Scanners" identifies position and dough surface height by projecting a beam of visible laser light that creates a line on the target piece. Reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by a two-dimensional CMOS detector array inside the sensor.

The 2D contour profile is calculated by the scanner's microprocessor from the pixel data of the diffusely reflected laser line. This combines accurate dimensional measurements with machine vision inspection principles for contour & shape. Real-time 3D profiling is created by synchronizing the position of the scanner with encoder input from conveyor transferring product. Profile is transmitted through ethernet to onboard PLC for processing.

Software algorithms translate position information into x-y coordinates and the PLC instructs individual delta RoboScore Scoring Heads to move according to dough placement to accurately score them.