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The unloader and the rack Loader

Video   The unloader and the rack Loader from Servomotor elevator system automatically locate the tray’s position beginning at the bottom shelf level. Upon alignment signal and acknowledgment from Robotray, a pusher begins the transfer of trays from each shelf onto the Robotray Unload or the rack loader . The conveyor then elevates lower cases


Speeds can be up to 14 trays per minute with a single head unit or up to 28 per minute with the dual head unit. This is a very fast, efficient, and compact system for high throughput industrial requirements. The system is quiet and reliable, the open-frame design can be easily cleaned and sanitized. Optionally


Robotray® Inline Scale. Dough weighing system for production lines incorporates a balanced conveyor belt module with integrated load cells. Dough pieces travel from the end of the production line onto a scale system and accurately records weights of products in full rows, ensures product specifications. Video


  Robotray® Stacker / Unstacker is a servomotor elevator system for automated handling of boards, trays, pans and baskets. Smooth transfers and quiet operation is a hallmark of our design, fast and efficient dual-purpose units allow for minimal space utilization and increased production rates. Flexible system allows for placement and retrieval from both wheeled trucks as well as


    Robotray® Paper Placer is an automated paper handling system that allows for the positioning of pan liners via an overhead traveling vacuum cup mechanism.


  Robotray® Collaborative are robotic arms designed to operate next to employees and assist in repetitive manual tasks including sheet pan unstacking/stacking, rack unloading/loading, carton filling and box palletizing. Additional tasks include product depanning, decorating and pick-n-place manipulation. Custom-made individual tooling with mechanical grippers and/or vacuum cups allow for precise and secure holding, fast retrieval


    Robotray® automated BRUSH CLEANER, the safe, easy and efficient way to keep your peel boards and baking trays clean within your production. Brushes off excess flour or debris from trays and boards, thus preparing them for the next production. Available models with multiple brushes, top and bottom, to clean both sides of the