Our Story

We are looking forward to having you as part of it.

Our Story

My Brothers and I bought a small bankrupt bakery back in 1986. We were then 19-21-23 years old, still in college, and without any knowledge about baking. It seemed like a great business opportunity, as we just loved to eat good bread and pastries! With a $20,000 Dollar loan from our Parents, we bought an 800 sq. Ft. bakery and learned about baking by doing it, one batch and customer at a time. Things changed in 2001, due to the 9/11 tragedy, we lost 65% of our sales. Our sales were then mostly airline-cruise-related, and nobody was either flying or taking vacations. We were desperate to cut costs. It was then that we realized that loading-unloading trays from racks, as well as moving racks, did NOT add any value to our operation. It was just a wasted task.

We then decided to look for a system that could automate that, and after an unsuccessful search, I found myself utilizing my Engineering training to build my own. The first prototype was installed at our bakery, and it was an instant success, saving us labor and eliminating an ergonomic nuisance to employees. No more bending or stretching to load-unload trays. It simply worked!

From those humble beginnings, and after 5 more prototypes, a new company was born: ROBOTRAY When we first showed the system to other bakers, they were hesitant to be the first outside baker to try us. We were then fortunate to meet Mr. Lyle Webster (Maple Leaf – Canada Bread), as he enjoyed learning about our background, gave us an opportunity to prove ourselves in one of his plants. Three systems followed, and then we built on that 24-hour bakery success to offer our systems to other bakers.

THANK you for reading our story. We are looking forward to having you as part of it.

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