Eliminate Labor / Improve Tray Handling

Robotray™  technology was created by bakers that operate a wholesale bakery in Miami, Florida (USA) since 1986. Their search for an affordable automated solution to reduce labor costs led them to research all available vendors and visited every baking show for several years. Unable to find the equipment needed, they decided to develop their own automation solution by building several prototypes. Based on the successful implementation in their own 20 hours/day baking plant, Robotray™ 9000 Series was created with the intention to assist fellow bakers searching for affordable automation solutions to improve their operations.

This was the first robot in a series of planned releases, aimed to address the lack of advanced automation requiring an investment that can be justified with payback of less than a year.

Eliminate Labor / Improve Tray Handling:

Robotray™ replaces the manual labor needed to move trays to/from conveyors and work tables, as well as automating loading/unloading of racks. It can accommodate both American size pans (18” x 26”), as well as European tray sizes up to 800mm x 1.000mm.

Multitasking / Easy Repositioning:

Robotray™ can handle various tray styles like sheet pans, muffin pans, baguette pans, etc. It can also be retrofitted with modular attachments for bread slitting, pastry finishing, roll depending, etc. Using a pallet jack, Robotray™ can be repositioned to serve various work requirements within your plant.

Compact / Space Saving Design:

Base Model measuring only 43” wide x 48” deep x 94” high [1,10 x 1,22 x 2,39 mts], Robotray™ saves valuable work area and can be positioned in low-ceiling locations.

Ergonomic / User Friendly:

Robotray™ allows the operator to adjust the infeed/discharge height to accommodate various conveyors or work tables without tools. Robotray™also enhances employee safety and productivity by eliminating bending while lifting trays.

Stainless Structure / Modular Components:

Robotray™ is built to last, using advanced technology and quality off-the-shelf components for reliable operation and inexpensive maintenance. Robotray™ has an open-frame design that allows for efficient maintenance access and complete cleaning.

Robotray loading-unloading systems, as well as Robotrack rack (trolley) queue automation, are already standard and proven equipment competitively priced that will provide you with fast payback while eliminating unnecessary labor and minimize employee’s ergonomic exertion. (Ex: Bending & Lifting)

  1. Reduce labor and ensure ergonomic compliance by eliminating employee exertion. No more excessive bending and stretching while handling trays, peelboards and tbaskets.
  2. Increase line speeds and eliminate bottlenecks.
  3. Sanitary, open-frame design & construction has eliminated cavities and crevices. It ensures fast and complete sanitation while facilitating maintenance.
  4. Improve food and employee safety. Limit product exposure. Safety guarding, lights/alarm signals, and programming interlocks provide continuous employee protection.
  5. Modular and compact design allows for fast installation within a limited floor space, even in low-ceiling locations. Easy relocation and seamless future expansion.
  6. Quick-disconnect sensors, standard off-the-shelf components, and readily accessible replaceable belts guarantee efficient maintenance and minimal system downtime.
  7. Touchscreen controls allow for easy-setup of all parameters and visual diagnostics to facilitate trouble-shooting. Remote access and alarm reporting are also available.
  8. Multilingual screen capabilities improve employee interaction and system operation.
  9. GO Green: Reduced Energy Consumption