Removes product & paper from the trays

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Paper Vacuum Release

Overhead pneumatic system removes the product and the paper from the trays. Separates baking paper from underneath product and discards them discreetly underneath the production line. Works with in-line vacuum / axial system, which allows for a smaller footprint, works with all tray sizes and makes space profitable Overhead air knife blows down onto paper to enhance operation and a rotating perforated vacuum roller guarantees full contact with paper and facilitates its removal. Streamlines cleaning processes for trays and conveyor belts. Stainless Steel and non-corrosive construction, bakery proven sanitary design. Easy to clean and sanitize. Modular, simple integration on existing conveyor lines, adapting to them. Works at high speed, reaching 28 trays per minute Robotray® PAPER VACUUM RELEASE saves time, saves labor and is very hygienic.