Keep Your Baking Trays Clean

Brush Cleanner

Robotray® automated BRUSH CLEANER, the safe, easy and efficient way to keep your peel boards and baking trays clean within your production. Brushes off excess flour or debris from trays and boards, thus preparing them for the next production. Available models with multiple brushes, top and bottom, to clean both sides of the tray. Quick-release brushes allow fast removal without the need for tools, making it easy to clean and disinfect in place. Stainless Steel and non-corrosive construction, bakery proven sanitary design. Adjustable leveling pads with lagging holes to permit fastening directly to the floor. Robotray® Brush Cleaner adapts to the needs of all companies, uses modular heads, designed to fit the overall width of trays and boards. As many heads as necessary are mounted together, to achieve the speed required by the customer, up 28 trays per minute. Designed for continuous inline production as well as from / to baking racks. Allows integration with other modules, including loader/ unloader and stacker / unstacker.