ROBOCART® is designed to move racks and basket dollies in the plant using a Robotray® patented AGV system.
Manages the movement of racks without labor. It guarantees constant availability and unlimited coverage thanks to its autonomous battery charging station system, which makes for NON-STOP PRODUCTION.
Precise and reversible steering controls and programming the system with remote access. The origin and destination are fully customizable and includes automatic travel report submission capabilities.
100% reliable and safe, Electromagnetic braking system, obstacle sensor with E-Stop and warning alarm with flashing light, all standard features.
It increases safety in your plant, reduces operator injuries caused by moving racks.
It reduces the intervention of operators in the factory, which increases hygiene and product safety.
Robocart® improves productivity and process efficiency while reducing risks and labor costs thereby increasing the safety of operators and overall plant operation.


While vehicle #1 moves underneath racks and engages them from below to move from point-to-point, vehicle #2 is being charged. Once vehicle #1 battery reports low value, it wirelessly transmits signal for vehicle #2 to meet at next destination and get replaced. This ensures constant availability and unlimited coverage. Fully autonomous, it reads rack data from RFID tags attached to each rack. Origin and destination are fully customizable and includes automatic dispatch and travel reporting capabilities.

    • Center Drive & Casters
    • Precise Steering
    • Reversible
    • Low profile
    • Electromagnetic Braking
    • Audible Warning Alarm & Flashing Light
    • Obstacle Sensor (Sonar) & Bumper E-Stop