Let RoboTray Create The Right Bakery Automation System For You.


At Robotray we have automation for all the manufacturing processes in your bakery, from the movement of trays at the end of the make-up line, to the final packaging, and palletizing of the product.

All our solutions were born from our need to automate as owners of our own bakery in Miami and with this, we try to help improve your productivity and the quality of your product making your company more profitable, as we did for our own bakery. We take care of carefully handling your product, eliminating delays in the processes, for you and also for your customers.

Let RoboTray create the right bakery automation system for you.


We specialize in bakery automation, we automate the movement of trays, boards, and pans at high speed and in 1000 different ways. We load and unload trays and boards from all types of racks, turn trays according to need, and position them correctly for the next process.

We move racks through the factory autonomously with the Robotray AGV system. We can also move the racks with the RoboTrack, a mechanized floor system that transports the racks in predefined rows, such as inside a proofing room or retarder, where it moves them from the entrance to the exit at the exact time for the pieces to ferment properly. And everything customs for you.




We offer bakery automation for expert product manipulation. From the collection of the product employing a retractable belt, through dough scoring and seeding to the depanning. We have many systems and all of them can be customized for your specific needs.



The movement of trays and boards takes a lot of time, even more so when the trays and boards are empty and the product is already in another part of the process.

We take the trays or boards out of the production area, stack or unstack them on a rack, pallet, or cart, and can even clean and oil them so they’re ready to start production again. You only have to worry about your production schedule.



Our robots are designed to operate next to employees and assist in repetitive manual tasks including sheet pan unstacking/stacking, rack unloading/loading, carton filling, and box palletizing.

Additional tasks include product depanning, decorating, and pick-n-place manipulation. Custom-made with Interchangeable tooling allows for quick change-overs and efficient cleaning.



We can automate the packaging of your products ready to reach the end customer, including product counting and quality control, individual packaging into box preparation, and palletizing the boxes.

Tell us what you need and we can make it happen