Eliminate Labor / Improve Tray Handling:


Multitasking / Easy Repositioning:

Robotray™ automation can handle various tray styles like sheet pans, muffin pans, baguette pans, etc.Using a pallet jack, Robotray™ can be repositioned to serve various work requirements within your plant.

Compact / Space Saving Design:

Base Model measuring only 43” wide x 48” deep x 94” high [1,10 x 1,22 x 2,39 mts], Robotray™ saves valuable work area and can be positioned in low-ceiling locations.

Ergonomic / User Friendly:

Robotray™ allows the operator to adjust the infeed/discharge height to accommodate various conveyors or work tables without tools.

Stainless Structure / Modular Components:

Robotray™ automation  has an open-frame design that allows for efficient maintenance access and complete cleaning.