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The engineering and R&D department of Robotray Automation designed a system to move racks without hindering a passage. New RoboSkyTrack is the latest in the movement of racks!!

RoboSkyTrack is an automated overhead system for rack transport via an aerial linear track. A self-powered gantry system allows for a clear passage underneath with seamless integration between 2 RoboTrack lanes. These floor-mounted tracks index racks one-by-one in a first-in first-out sequence. It allows autonomous operation and enhances the overall efficiency of the system, saving additional labor.

We can upgrade to interface directly with rack ovens, opening, and closing doors while removing and pushing in racks.

It is built with materials that withstand down to -40º Celsius, which makes it perfect to integrate into a freezer room.

RoboSkyTrack is characterized by its SECURITY & FLEXIBILITY, as well as…

  • Safety sensors at all access points detecting any non-automated motion
  • Visual and audible annunciation signals provide system status
  • Allows for movement of racks full of product
  • Performs lateral movements, inserts, and deposit racks
  • Flexible programming, including variable speed
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction are suitable for working down to -40ºCelsius
  • Continuous recording of cycle performance with self-diagnostics
  • Color HMI Touchscreen, multilingual menus, designed with a simple and easy to use Human-Machine interface

RoboSkyTrack system can be integrated into different configurations, such as entry and exit of proofer and/or freezing rooms. It takes the racks at a designated point and moves them to the different RoboTrack lines. Providing the flexibility to do it in reverse depending on the need of the established process.

We are currently assembling the RoboSkyTrack in our facilities, so we want to share a video of one of the latest tests.



In a few weeks, we will be able to share a video of the installation at its final destination.

Be attentive!

Developer | April 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce the collaboration agreement between BAELTEC Automatisierung and Robotray Automation Systems

  • Both companies, with more than two decades of experience in the bakery sector to have decided to open a way of collaboration to expand the services of their customers in Europe.

BAELTEC Automatisierung GmbH was founded by Ingo Muetzel and Markus Weissenberger, they were working 29 years in the baking industry, both can look back to a wide experience as a Senior Service Engineer and Senior Executive in the baking and automation industry, and Robotray Automation, located in Miami with more than 20 years in the sector is specialized in the design and manufacture of automation systems for bakery production processes.

Both companies signed a collaboration agreement at the beginning of last March 2021 to benefit their clients from the combination of their know-how. This union will bring both companies closer to their clients in Europe, offering commercial presence and technical assistance of Robotray in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. It also allows BAELTEC to improve the offer of automation solutions to its customers, thus completing the catalog.

Both companies intend to improve their offer and services in order to offer the best to their customers.

More offers of solutions and faster and more efficient service. A perfect tandem!


Developer | March 15, 2021