Automatic servo-driven vertical tray accumulation system. The Tower unit allows for vertical transfers and automated buffering or accumulation.
There are four models depending on the type of movement needed: Up, Down, Up and Down and Up, Lateral and Down.

ELEVATOR: Vertical transfer from bottom to overhead conveyor

Picks up the trays on a transfer conveyor at a lower level and delivers them on an overhead transfer conveyor.

LOWERATOR: Vertical transfer from overhead to bottom conveyor. Picks up the trays on an overhead transfer conveyor and lowers them to a lower level transfer conveyor.

These systems allow a vertical accumulation of an average of 20 trays (dependent on tray/product height). It is a modular system, so if you need to accumulate more trays, more modules can be placed together in a linear position.

ACCUMULATION: Flow control with buffering capabilities, stores and/or releases for balanced workflow. The Vertical Accumulator collects trays and stores them until the flow needs these trays to re-enter, thus keeping the workflow constant.

BUFFERING: Dual tower configuration allows for time-controlled accumulation, maintaining FIFO (First-in First-out)

Multiple towers expand capacity, fully modular expansion. System with two vertical accumulation towers. The trays go up the first accumulation tower, move laterally on the last level and go down to the conveyor belt through the second accumulation tower. Provides twice the capacity and maintains first-in, first-out order.

It is a system designed for a perfect handling trays, boards and pans.

It has an accumulation capacity from 20 to 100 trays per tower, reaching a working speed of 24 to 40 trays per minute, which makes it a highly efficient system.

It is a system that saves time and space. It helps to not have more trays in the workflow and even to maintain the workflow with the appropriate number of trays.

It is used in systems in which trays must be collected so that they do not accumulate in the work area or at the exit or entrance of tray cleaners and even at the end of production lines where they accumulate to give operators more time. It has as many possible uses as the needs of each client.

Helps maintain production without stops and jams. It improves the profitability of companies and saves a lot of unskilled labor that does not add value to the product.

System made of stainless steel suitable for the food industry. It has minimal flat surfaces, utilizing angled faces as much as possible as well as open corner relief holes to minimize residue buildup and allow for easy cleaning.

Remember that all our systems are 100% custom made to the needs of each client and company.