Position the product in the trays

Retractile Panning

The Robotray® Retractile panning System allows the product to be handled in the most efficient and hygienic way. Our system is designed to pass product from the production line to trays, boards or boxes using a very compact retractable belt. It offers the maximum sanitary guarantee, eliminating the manipulation of the product by hand, saving labor cost, increasing the safety of the workers and the product, as well as productivity by more than 50%. The system is compact and flexible, saves space, and has expandable capabilities, allowing its implementation according to the needs of the company as it grows. All this allows a quick return on investment (ROI less than 18 months) The Robotray® Retractile panning System is a safe, efficient, hygienic, and economic system for your company. Contact today for a free consultation on how we can make Robotray® for you.