High Speed Pick & Place


Robotray® ROBOPICK, high-speed pick & place robot. Our solution picks up product from a moving conveyor or a specified location, drops it off at another location or conveyor adjusting in-flight for packaging in a different arrangement. Modular system capable of achieving speeds up to 150 picks/minute per robot. Cavity free with smooth seamless rounded surfaces, it provides low maintenance and easy access for cleaning. ISO mounted end-effectors interface for seamless tool exchange. Built on an open platform for servo motors and control systems. Custom-made individual tooling with vacuum cups and/or mechanical grippers allow for precise and secure holding and release of product for fast retrieval and movement. Interchangeable for quick change-overs and efficient cleaning. Robotray®️ ROBOPICK offers a clean, dynamically fast and silent operation.

  • Up to 150 picks/minute.
  • ISO Mount gripper interface
  • Low maintenance, easy accesible
  • Carbon fibre, anodized aluminum, titanium and advanced plastics