Production Flow Management APP


Focus on uptime, productivity, and debottlenecking your operation. Knowing WHY your manufacturing line did not produce more product each hour is MORE important than knowing how much you produced that hour.

Provides you the tools to determine the root causes of downtime and lost productivity.

  1. Complete wireless control of plant activities.
  2. Real-time process dashboard: temperature, humidity, etc.
  3. Time stamped and database recorded operational parameters.
  4. Remote access, email/text messaging alerts and statistics.
  5. Exception reports continuously track processes out of range or sequence.
  6. Facilitates compliance and performance measurements.
  7. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  8. Downtime tracking and scheduling
  9. Line Availability: Total productive time / total time.
  10. Performance: Average real line speed / Theoretical line speed.
  11. Quality: Total good production / Total production.