Automated Rack QUEUE and POSITIONING System


ROBOTRACK® is an automated rack (trolley) queueing and positioning system that automatically ejects empty racks and inserts filled racks in front of Robotray. It also can position empty racks to be filled and then moves them out of the way for the next empty rack. Floor mounted mechanized system (No lifting) and made of sanitary stainless steel. Racks are held in position by holding arms to ensure proper alignment. Allows for continuous operation and enhances the overall efficiency of the bakery while saving labor and increasing sanitation and hygiene. It also moves the racks in predefined rows, such as inside a proofing room or retarder, where it moves them from the entrance to the exit in the exact time so that the pieces ferment properly. Works with a high-capacity tooth transmission (does not use grease for greater hygiene) and the torque limiter safety unit prevents jams. Works with single and double racks. It is the best solution to manage racks and never stop production.