Accumulate in Straight Horizontal Conveyors

Tier Conveyor

Robotray® Tier Conveyor, automated system to accumulate in straight horizontal conveyors, rather than using a spiral, with the possibility of up to 12 levels. The same design can be used for fermentation before the oven, or cooling the product when it comes out of the oven, and even for freezing Lateral mobile elevator unit loads product to the proper level of the system, and another lateral mobile elevator unloads them upon completion of proofing or cooling cycle, delivers product at the designated height so that they enter the next phase in the production line such as to the oven after proofing or to packaging after cooling Allows for fresh dough to be stored and fermented within this system, which provides precise control, from the entry of the fermented piece until the exit, the exact time in a minimum space. Offers endless possibilities making the most of space and time. Full integration with other systems, provides continuity to production, while eliminating the contact of the operators with the product, removing unnecessary risks of contamination.