Robotray handles not only Trays and Boards, also Bread Pans


Recently, we’ve installed a Bread Pans UNLOADER in Oregon, a state where we have great friends and customers.

This time we’ll talk about a system for unloading double racks with 3 bread pans per level and a speed of up to 20  per minute.

The system is complemented with an “L” shape Robotrack, a system that allows automating and control of the movement of the racks, providing continuity to the process and thus avoiding stoppages in the exchange of empty racks for full racks. There is always a rack ready to be unloaded, while the elevator unloads the bread pans from the rack shelf. Robotrack is in charge of moving the empty rack forward and putting a full one in its place.


  • Non-corrosive, stainless steel construction with minimal horizontal surfaces and bakery-proven sanitary design.
  • Compact size, with an approximate area of (5 m2 | 45 sqf)
  • Download speed up to 20 bread pans.
  • Manufacturing time: 6 months
  • Installation time: 3 days

We share the link to a video that we have prepared so you can see how this system works.
Click the link and don’t miss it!