THE SOLUTION TO SAVE SPACE WHILE MAINTAINING NON-STOP PRODUCTION. Automatic servo-driven vertical tray accumulation system. The Tower unit allows for vertical transfers and automated buffering or accumulation.There are four models depending on the type of movement needed: Up, Down, Up and Down and Up, Lateral and Down. ELEVATOR: Vertical transfer from bottom to overhead conveyor […]

Collaboration Agreement

We are pleased to announce the collaboration agreement between BAELTEC Automatisierung and Robotray Automation Systems Both companies, with more than two decades of experience in the bakery sector to have decided to open a way of collaboration to expand the services of their customers in Europe. BAELTEC Automatisierung GmbH was founded by Ingo Muetzel and […]

Robotray handles not only Trays and Boards, also Bread Pans

  Recently, we’ve installed a Bread Pans UNLOADER in Oregon, a state where we have great friends and customers. This time we’ll talk about a system for unloading double racks with 3 bread pans per level and a speed of up to 20  per minute. The system is complemented with an “L” shape Robotrack, a […]